About Us

COMPEX spol. s r.o. was founded in 1990 in Czech Republic by Ing. Radek Nešpor, an  electronic enthusiast who set out to provide the innovative products to the market especially in cosmetic and medical field. Today, COMPEX with its JETT brand is trusted provider for cosmetic and medical plasma solution products around the world.

Our industry technology leadership is indisputable. COMPEX spol. s r.o. was the first company in the world to introduce direct current (DC) based Plasma cosmetic device in 2013. This idea was created when one of the regular plasma generators were broken and Chairman Mr. Nešpor said: „The quality is not so good, let´s invent better device”. Within a year there was invented JETT Plasma Cosmetic and later on JETT Plasma Medical with unique direct current that provides much more precise application than any other competitor. At the moment we are working on second and third generation for the use not only in dermatology but also ophthalmology, gynecology and others.  When you choose us as a partner, you can be sure that we will provide you with the latest innovative solutions.

JETT is a brand providing Innovation, Reliability and Technology. Our R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products in cooperation with leading experts in medical fields.

These products represent brilliant value for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, otorhinolaryngology and more.


JETT provides strong marketing support including attendance at key congresses and exhibitions worldwide, marketing communication, unified design of all materials, road shows and training seminars, workshops brochures. JETT  brand awareness is growing continuously and our measure of success is not quantified just in numbers, but the long terms growth of business and partnership.  We provide our partners with many trainings and strong support.


The JETT team treats customers as real friends offering trust and providing high quality products and advanced training support to build long-term partnership.



JETT will never stop invent new ways and new applications for more indications.


The JETT team members work with partners and build up long term relationships and friendships.


Jett – rejuvenates the world!